Welcome to Reading Jessica Darling!  You can learn more about who we are who exactly Jessica Darling and the amazing author who created her are on our “About Us” and “About the Series” pages, but let me just take a moment to first thank you for coming to our blog!


Mere days after graduation, Emily packed up her life in Boston and moved back to her home state of Minnesota.  We did what all friends do — she sent me a postcard (pictured above), I made her a mix — but we needed a better way to keep in touch with each other states and states apart.   Here is our solution!  Together, we’re going to reread the Jessica Darling series, novels that began as a love story between two best friends who had to readjust to life away from each other.

Please read along with us!  Every Monday and Wednesday, Emily and I will take turns posting about a new section of the book.  We’ll then use the comments section to continue the conversation.  Her first post, on Monday, will discuss “January.”  On Wednesday, I’ll tackle “February.”  Tuesdays and Thursdays are reserved for any characters, events, or other asides that need more time and attention.  Fridays are for Friend Posts, and we hope that you’ll join us in expressing your love for the series.

We’ll try our hardest to not be spolier-y on the Monday/Wednesday posts, for those of you reading for the first time.  Any other posts that may reveal plot points from further along in the series will have heavy advertisement.


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