January: First Impressions

I’ve recently moved back into my childhood bedroom and I found a cache of old journals and other ephemera. I tried reading some, but I couldn’t get through an entry without gagging from embarrassment. I’d much rather read about someone else’s adolescent suffering, particularly Jessica Darling’s. Because she’s way wittier than I could ever hope to be. I’m going to start off our reread posts by considering how I feel the Clueless Crew and some of notable boys in Jessica’s orbit. Consider it my take on Jessica and Hope’s Brutal Book.

  • Scotty is such a bro, but delightfully so. I’m so excited to read about Jessica and Scotty’s fabled eleven-day relationship in the prequel!
  • I’d forgotten that Sara’s nickname was Bruiser. I’m super into it. I love her trademark phrases Omigod and quote unquote. She was ahead of the OMG curve—what a trendsetter!
  • Manda, ugh! She’s just as insufferable as I remember, but even more pretentious. That said, I think everyone should have a slutty feminist phase (or life).
  • Not to get ahead of myself, but I love Bridget so much as the series progresses and I’m having the most trouble separating early-in-the-series Bridget with the Bridget I know she will become. Ah, the beauty of character development. I find myself wanting Jessica to be less hard on her, but that’s because I’m anticipating Bridget’s character growth, not because she necessarily deserves it at this point. She seems like such an empty vessel in January, like she was a best friend placeholder until Jessica could meet Hope.
  • Paul Parlipiano is every person’s high school crush—popular, dreamy, older, and unattainable. Seriously, we’ve all been there.
  • I found Marcus to be startling swoon-worthy right away. He and Jessica have such a great first interaction. Jessica’s reaction is a great balance of horror that she that he’s noticed her because it feels like betraying Hope and nervous giggling.

Agree wholeheartedly? Filled with rage? Let us know in the comments.


One thought on “January: First Impressions

  1. I was also really struck by how annoying Bridget was in this episode — she’s been so far separated from Manda and Sara in my mind that it’s hard to reimagine them all on the same page. I remember having fond feelings for Scotty when I first read this book in high school, but that has really changed for me.

    You couldn’t be more right about Manda. Ugh.

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