Jessica Darling on the Small Screen


Last night, while trying to fall asleep, I frantically sent this email to Emily and another Sloppy Firsts-obsessed friend.  I think that both Emily and a very special Friday blogger (am I building great suspense here?) will be discussing the casting of and their excitement for the Sloppy Firsts movie — one that is finally, actually happening.

As excited as I am for this movie, and believe me, I am excited, I also wish it wasn’t happening.  The Jessica Darling series is long and full of wonderful small moments and secondary characters that will probably need to be cut for the movies.  Does this sound like a problem that could have hurt another book-to-movie transition?  Yes, I absolutely think that we should use Game of Thrones as a model and adopt the Jessica Darling series for HBO.  The first book would make an amazing first season; the following seasons would work well in not only really allowing the characters to develop and grow but in challenging narrative structures.  It would be a young, ambitious showrunner’s dream.  And thinking about the block of programming of Girls and this on Sunday nights?  Amazing!

Can you just imagine every episode starting with that HBO box, a title card reading the month, then Jessica reading the beginning of her letter to hope as a voiceover as the camera panned the school, the boardwalk, the streets where Jessica runs?  Guys, it would be perfection.

Before we get too excited about this, I must say that the TV series was not my idea, but was suggested by Christine, the other Sloppy Firsts-obsessed friend (and librarian!) mentioned in the first paragraph.  And don’t worry, if you disagree, the movie posts are coming soon.


3 thoughts on “Jessica Darling on the Small Screen

  1. I love this idea–especially starting each episode with Jessica’s letters to Hope. It would be so perfect on Sunday nights with Girls!

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