It’s All Right, ‘Cause I’m Cast from the Past

Hello, friends!  My name is Libby and I am a childhood neighbor of Anna’s.  I’m currently in Pittsburgh, but as we all know, the love for Jessica Darling knows no boundaries.  First, let me warn you about my writing.  I’ve done the whole blog posting thing before when Anna and I had a fashion blog (let’s not mention it) and I kind of (most certainly did) ramble.  And there were definitely tangents involved.  Oh.  And hyperlinks.  If you don’t like any of those, I suggest you scroll to the bottom of this post and type your disgust.  I’ll consider it a compliment that even though you did not take the time to read my post, you did take that time to comment.  Thanks for giving me 4.58 seconds of your life that you’ll never get back.

Sloppy First things first.  See what I did there?  Ok, I won’t even be mad if you scroll to the bottom or “x” out of the window right now.  Just please don’t hold it against Anna or Emily.  Anyways, my special guest posts will be about the casting of the Jessica Darling series.  And seeing as how I’ve already mouth-vomited 192 words, I told Anna that I hope to (need to) make this a series of Friday ramblings.  Also, I can’t give you all the amazing actors and actresses at once.  It wouldn’t be fair…and I don’t have them all casted in my mind just yet.  See, Anna and I like to assign actors to different things a lot.  Like a lot a lot.  We even made a version of The Game of Life spouse cards with personalities and actors to go with them about two years back.  So this is kind of important.  Without further ado (“get ON with it, already”), I give you Cast from the Past.

Jessica Dar- WAIT!

Sorry.  I forgot to mention the important aspect of this post where I tell you that I am going to be mixing actors that would have been age appropriate when I was reading the series when it came out, to present day thespians.  Aaaaannnnd, GO.

Jessica Darling

I’m torn about this one.  Anna and I actually discussed this casting dilemma a while ago – do you cast an unknown or do you cast someone like, say, Ren Stevens?  Too young to remember Ren?  Then I feel sorry that you’re too young to remember when Shia Labeouf looked something like this.  The actress needs to be thin, and plain-er looking (there is NOTHING wrong with that, as I am probably one of the most generic looking people you could ever meet.  Truth.)

Perhaps I’ll revisit these castings more when I don’t waste 13,289,392,043 on my introduction.  I’m slightly self-absorbed, what can I say?

Marcus Flutie

Milo Ventim….  You know, Jess from Gilmore Girls.  I intended you all to read his name as slowly fading because I’m never sure how to pronounce it, but you probably just rolled your eyes.  That’s fair.  Anyway, he’s so good at being the bad boy.  The only problem that may arise would be the height factor.  I don’t have his stats in front of me, but he always seemed a little… shortLifts, perhaps?

And finally (I know, I know: “We thought she’d NEVER quit with this post”)


How could I not include Pepe?  Actually, you’re probably annoyed that I’m not including other characters like Bridget or Manda or Gladdy.  Is Gladdy introduced yet?  I can’t check that because I loaned my copy of Sloppy Firsts to a friend and have yet to get it back.  You don’t care about that though.  You care about this post…Ending.  So I’ll leave you with Corbin Bleu.  No, it’s not that cooking institute, it’s your future Skunky French Heartthrob.  He was in High School Musical, so he has to love playing a teenager, right?  Apparently, according to his Wikipedia page (which he probably edited himself), he’s also a producer, so we may just have found our future creator of Anna’s wonderful HBO series.

Ok Darling lovers, this was fun for me, probably miserable for you, and I can’t wait to continue this again some Friday soon.  If you’re good (and I’m lazy), next time might involve less hyperlinks.  That’s a big if though.  Enjoy the series, and I cannot wait to read how Anna and Emily do it justice.  Have a good weekend!


3 thoughts on “It’s All Right, ‘Cause I’m Cast from the Past

  1. I have 100 things to say. First, I love the title of the post. I always love a SBTB reference. AND when I clicked on the heartthrob, I was super hoping it’d be Zach Morris. I know you so well.

    Although I totally think Jessica needs to be played by an unknown, Ren Stevens is certainly the type of look we need. Her voice will also be super important. I don’t quite know what I need in it — but something. I couldn’t be more upset about your choice for Marcus. I love Jess more than almost anyone (the only thing that Emily and I text about more than Sloppy Firsts is Gilmore Girls), but he isn’t tall enough or ginger enough or weird enough. I want there to be something a little off about Marcus’s good looks. Your Pepe is inspired. 100% on board.

    I can’t wait to see who you cast as Manda, Sara, Scotty, and Hy (not that I’m giving recs for your part 2 or anything…)

  2. This post is amazing! I think Corbin Bleu is a great choice. I just watched High School Musical 3 and I think he can pull off Pepe. As much as I love Milo Ventimiglia, I can’t see him as Marcus. I think he would look ridiculous with red hair, and as a redhead, that’s very important to me. I’m excited to see how you cast the other parts!

    Also, The Game of Life totally needs spouse cards!

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