November: Midnight Confessions

Here it is, what we’ve all (or at least I’ve) been waiting for—Jessica and Marcus’s late night phone calls! Talking on the phone when the whole world is asleep seems so secretive and intimate.

Comments Related to Jessica and Marcus’s Late Night Conversations

  • One of Marcus’s prompt questions starts a discussion about the cult of celebrity, how learning more information about a celebrity is supposed to bring a fan closer, but instead creates more distance, particularly when the new knowledge is gained secondhand. Jessica learning about Marcus through his conversations with Len, as she documents at the end of September, and it just makes her more obsessed and makes him seem more elusive and inexplicable.
  • I really want to hear Jess and Marcus’s conversation about the Olsen twins.
  • It bothers Jess that Marcus may be as smart and perceptive as she is. She’s gotten so used to being the smartest person in the room that she has trouble being challenged. Maybe that’s because Hope is gone, and as Jessica notes, their conversations have become mostly about keeping each other up to date on their lives.
  • She claims that getting mad about things Marcus says means that he’s been demystified—but does it?
  • Jessica is super attached to Marcus in a non-platonic way, or at least she wants the option to think that he might not want things to stay platonic. Scotty’s girlfriend was so intimidated by Jessica that she wouldn’t let Scotty talk to Jess, which lead to their breakup. Scotty takes pains to let Jess know what’s going on and sometimes way over shares. Marcus, on the other hand, rarely mentions his girlfriend and she may not even know that Jessica exists or care if she did know.
  • Who knew shaking hands could be so  Sha-ZAM?

Comments Not Related to Jessica and Marcus’s Phone Calls

  • Ugh! Bethany and G-Money are THE WORST!
  • I’m so excited that the more insightful Bridget that I know and love finally makes an appearance in this section! I wish Jessica took The Mindy Project approach to best friendship—it can be a tier, not a title.
  • I just ate at a restaurant in Minneapolis that had restrooms labeled Buoys and Gulls!
  • Do high schools actually have football games on Thanksgiving? At least in Minnesota, football season is at least in playoffs, if not already over.
  • A fake magazine cover! I love the phrase Teen Queen.
  • I’m so glad that she and her mom finally have an actual discussion.

I think How to Say Goodbye in Robot works well with what’s going on with Jess in November. In How to Say Goodbye in Robot by Natalie Standiford, Bea moves to Baltimore with her professor father and emotionally unstable mother, who accuses Bea of having no emotions like a robot. Instead of falling in with the popular crowd, she befriends Jonah, an outsider also known as Ghost Boy. They bond when he invites her to listen to Night Light, a midnight radio show that he calls. This book is a bittersweet emotional wallop.


One thought on “November: Midnight Confessions

  1. When I think about Sloppy Firsts, I think most of what I remember is from this month — so much happens. Since Jessica and Marcus spend so much of their time near each other but not with each other, these phone calls have to do so much work in making us invested in their relationship. And they obviously work.

    And Bridget. So excited about Bridget.

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