Sloppy Firsts: A Recap

We’ve done it! We’ve finished the first book of our Jessica Darling reread. But before we move on to Second Helpings, I’m going to recap Sloppy Firsts by ranking the months, starting with my least favorite.

12. May—This month is no fun for Jess and she barely writes.

11. July—Another month with not a lot of entries, and the most interesting thing happens in the letter she writes to Hope at the end of the month. Also, Jess’s work environment sounds awful.

10. August—While August is a more entertaining month, I suffer so much secondhand embarrassment when Jessica pukes on Paul Parlipiano’s shoes and I can’t handle it. Also, she doesn’t get to visit Hope and that sucks.

9. April—Ugh, prom!

8. February—I enjoy the introduction to Bethany and G-Money and the wedding. And a great encounter with Marcus.

7. January—Her first interaction with Marcus is so great. Tongue-Kissing Cousins would be a great song.

6. March—I love reading all the gruesome details about Sara and Manda’s spring break trip to Mexico. I also like the conversation Jess has with Hy over spring break.

5. September—Marcus returns as a clean-cut honors student! Hy is reveled as a fraud! But Jess breaks her leg and there’s so much unspoken tension with the Clueless Crew.

4. June—The Dannon incident is so memorable and weird and strangely sensual.   

2. November and December—These two months are so inextricably linked in my mind that I can’t rank them separately. We get to know Marcus right along with Jessica, from their first icebreaker conversation to finally reading “Fall” to anticipating their New Years Eve date. Marcus’s revelation is brutal to both Jess and the reader and her reaction is pitch perfect.

1. October—October is my favorite because it’s the month where Jess finally puts her acerbic wit to good use. In March Hy tells Jess to shake up the system by dating Scotty and revamping popular, but Jess does it in her own way without compromising herself. It’s also so cathartic when Jess finally has it out with the Clueless Crew. I love the matrix Jess creates in her letter to Hope detailing who hates whom and why. And her ride in Marcus’s car is the best.

Anna kicks off our reread of Second Helpings on Wednesday. I can’t wait!


One thought on “Sloppy Firsts: A Recap

  1. I agree with your rankings so much! October is the best month, and I really love the chart that she sends Hope. I think I would rank September above June because I hate Cal so much and I love Jess’s outline about her cast.

    What a great novel! I’m so excited to start Second Helpings – my favorite of the series!

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