December: Hello Anxiety

Bridget is anxious about Hy’s book and possible movie, especially since she’s been contacted about playing her own doppelganger. It leaves her wondering if she’s good enough to play herself, even if she’s good enough in general. Sara is pretty worked up about the book, but she’s delusional enough to dismiss it. Jess is more curious than anxious. And she has nothing to fear, since Jenn Sweet is the best version of Jessica Darling. But Bridget recognizes that Gidget is based on her and doesn’t like what she sees.

Jess is anxious about two things: whether or not she should apply to Columbia and the blind item she assumes is about Manda and Marcus. Bridget and Percy think that Jess should apply to Columbia because she wants to and it doesn’t hurt to try. Len goes with the obvious, because Columbia is the highest ranked school on her list. Marcus refuses to weigh in, and tells her to ask Gladdie instead. But when Jess confides the real reason she’s unsure about applying to Columbia—her fear of living in NYC in a post-9/11 world—Marcus’s assertion that she could die anywhere, so why not die happy is what finally convinces her to apply. Len, of course, keeps parroting unhelpful ranking statistics.

Even though she’s pretty happy dating Len, it still horrifies her to no end that Manda and Marcus could possibly hook up. But Len does not figure into Jess’s angst at all. She worries that the tie she got him for the holidays is boring, but not enough to get him anything more personal.

Stray Observations

  • I love all of Gladdie’s secondhand Tuttie Flutie gossip.
  • Of course Len takes accounting.

Natalie, from Not That Kind of Girl by Siobhan Vivian, also has a lot of anxiety. Natalie likes to be in control, which is why she wants to be student council president. Her best friend Autumn had an unfortunate dating experience as a freshman, which makes Natalie feel superior for avoiding guys all together. But then she starts sneaking around with Connor and has to reevaluate what kind of girl she could be. Bonus: Connor’s family runs a Christmas tree farm!


One thought on “December: Hello Anxiety

  1. I really wish that Hy had been left in the first book. I know she eventually comes back and is important in the fourth book and I know that Jen Sweet is important to Jessica’s character development, but it feels so forced.

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