April: Bingo!

Sorry if this post is a little bit scattered–having a full time job is really cramping my blog-writing style. I love how April opens. Sara’s acceptance letter is redonkulous and amazing—so perfectly asinine with its beach-themed glitter. It’s like the entire college is the vilest sorority conceivable. The worst schools make you know their (satanic!) traditions before you even get there.

Once again, there’s so much blank space in this section. All Jess cares about is whether or not she’s been accepted to Columbia. What more can she say about it? After March and standing up to PACO, Jess has started to assert herself, but what more can she do until she hears about Columbia? Except for make tortured lists about how Ringling Brothers Clown College would be just as rewarding of an option as attending Piedmont and rooming with Call Me Chantelle.

Her parent’s reaction is such a nightmare. Them finding her acceptance letter while she’s on a clandestine run is perhaps the worst possible way for it to happen. They hated New York before 9-11, but now they can’t even be rational about Jess moving to New York.

Baby shower games are the worst. At least have the shower once the baby is born so everyone can hold the baby! But, of course, Gladdie loves Bingo, because “this is the stuff that gives people something to look forward to” (286). This scene is comedy gold with Bethany shouting out baby shower gifts between snippets of Jess and Gladdie’s conversation.

When I think of someone waiting for acceptance letters from Ivy League schools, I always think of Rory Gilmore. Season three of Gilmore Girls is full of Rory agonizing over which schools to apply to, waiting for acceptance letters, and finally deciding which school to attend. One of the highlights of the season is “The Big One” where Rory finally hears from Harvard and Paris loses it during their speech that’s being aired on CSPAN because she didn’t get in. Great stuff.


One thought on “April: Bingo!

  1. That’s one of my favorite GG episodes. “Pack your chastity belt, Gilmore. You’re going to Harvard!” I love Gladdie and Jess’s interactions; she’s the perfect personality to balance her out. I think that’s why Gladdie has such a high opinion of Marcus — she can see someone else who balances out Jess’s anxieties.

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