June Recommendations: This Magic Moment

In pop culture, proms are often the stage for grand romantic gestures. When thinking of my favorite prom-related media, I kept thinking of TV shows. So, in no particular order, here are three of my favorites:

Saved by the Bell—“The Prom” (Not to be confused with “The Senior Prom” where Jesse and Slater get locked in the boiler room and the prom has a hoedown theme.)ImageIt seems that Kelly is FINALLY choosing Zack over Slater when she agrees to go to prom with Zack. But when her dad loses his job, Kelly is too ashamed to admit that she can’t afford a dress and tells Zack that she doesn’t want to go any more. Zack finds out and, in true Zack Morris fashion, hatches a plan. Jeans and sweatshirts have never seemed more romantic.

The OC—“The O.Sea” (The senior prom is in Season 3, but I generally pretend like the third and fourth seasons didn’t happen.)Image

Other stuff happens in this episode, but I only care about Seth and Summer. Seth and Zach dither over who’s going to take Summer to prom and who’s going to take a meeting with George Lucas about their graphic novel. Obviously Seth gets the meeting with George Lucas when they do the coin toss, so he can later make a dramatic entrance at prom and publicly declare his love for Summer!

Veronica Mars—“Look Who’s Stalking”ImageThe regular prom is canceled because of all of the seniors caught drinking on the senior class trip to an amusement park. But Logan, ever the opportunistic party thrower, plans an Alterna-Prom in his hotel suite. It’s supposed to be exclusive, so, naturally, everyone goes. Logan drunkenly tells Veronica that their love is epic, and I could quote the whole thing because it’s amazing, but you should just watch it instead. “I Hear the Bells” by Mike Doughty plays during Logan’s speech, and I get chills every time I hear the song.


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