Second Helpings: Senior Superlatives

If you haven’t been able to tell by my previous posts, I LOVE Second Helpings.  It’s my favorite book in the series, but also one of my favorite novels, ever.  To highlight some of my favorite moments, I’m assigning my own Senior Superlatives.

Class BFFs:  Bridget and Jessica!  Although I love this book because of the Jessica-Marcus greatness most, I also really, really love the relationship between Bridget and Jessica.  I am so happy that Jessica finally realizes how important Bridget is to her by the end of the novel.  We don’t know Hope; I know Jessica keeps telling us about all the great things she does, but I don’t really understand their connection.  Bridget and Jessica, though, is a friendship that I know.  And I love.  

Class Couple:  i think most of you suspect that i would give this title to Jessica and Marcus, but instead I’m giving it to Percy and Bridget.  After all, their relationship spans almost the whole of the year and they successfully navigated high school politics side-by-side.  The way Percy kisses the inside of Bridget’s wrist is so adorable, I can’t even handle the description.  

Most Versatile: We had this award at my high school and it often served to point out that people didn’t know what versatile meant.  Had we been judging people on their merits in both Sloppy Firsts and Second Helpings, then this award would go to Percy, no contest.  But in this book, another boy edges ahead — Len Levy.  He’s the Valedictorian and lead singer of the high school’s hottest band.  He’s a nerd, a rock star, a dreamboat, a virgin, and best friend to the school’s most notorious bad boy.  Compared to the stuttering, awkward boy of the first novel — this kid has layers.  

Best Party:  This is certainly the most party-filled of all of the Jessica Darling novels, with Anti-Homecoming, New Year’s Eve, and the Prom Pre-Party in the running.  But guys, was there any competition?  OF COURSE NOT.  You, yes, you, Prom Pre-party are the best party all year.  Finally, Jessica and Marcus kiss (because they’ve done enough talking!!!!) in front of everyone while she looks super sexy and it’s glorious.

Best Unlikely Friendship:  Marcus and Gladdie.  Where would we all be without Gladdie?  Jessica would not be at Columbia, and she might not be with Marcus, either.  Even when she wasn’t ready to believe that Marcus was better than his former self, Gladdie saw how he had changed.  Also, she, I’m sure with a lot of side-eye, told Jessica just how into her Marcus was.  And, let’s be honest, she would be SO HAPPY to know how Marcus and Jessica spent her wake.    

Least Likely to Succeed: i know this isn’t a real senior superlative, because even Regina King wouldn’t do something so bitchy, but I think we all know who this award goes to — Scotty.  Scotty not only never grows up, but he only gets worse.  By the time he completely ignores Tanya to ask Jess to the prom, I can’t even see the once sweet and cute Scotty from the beginning of Sloppy Firsts.  

Most Likely to Succeed: Jessica and Marcus.  It took them a while to get here, but I’m so happy where we leave them in the novel — in love, happy, ready to start their own adventures, knowing their love is strong enough to survive the distance.  

Are you excited for collegiate Jessica?  Emily starts Charmed Thirds on Monday!


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