Freshman Summer: July — Hit or Miss

This is one of those months when it’s hard to be on Jessica’s side.  As someone who is overly anxious and worried, I know how frustrating it is to be told to be calm, to live in the present, but good grief, Jessica — calm down.  Like True’s tired way of categorizing hits or misses (I personally prefer Hots or Nots), every great thing that should happen to Jessica, every hit, turns into a miss.  And it’s all Jessica’s fault.  She can’t appreciate things when they don’t live up to her rigid expectations.  She won’t turn in her essay because Hy had a similar idea.  She can’t see the opportunity she has to grow closer to her sister and niece because it eats into alone time with Marcus.  She can’t acknowledge how much Marcus is trying to help those around them because he isn’t directly meeting her needs.  This month was time spent with her boyfriend, it was life in a gorgeous Brooklyn brownstone, and it was an internship at a trendy magazine. 

 But Jessica takes these hits and turns them into misses.  One thing we know about our girl by now is that she is not good at adjustment.  She does not jump openly at the chance of change.  Your college years are ones of constant change and transition — you are always moving, you quickly make new friends and drift apart from old ones, you have countless jobs and crushes and trips.  Jessica turns sour when trying to adapt and this proves hard not just for those interacting with her, but for those reading about her.  The other day Libby, frequent commenter and guest poster, texted me that she sometimes really dislikes Jessica, and I was not surprised to find out that she was in the middle of this novel.  But are we being too hard on her?  How do you feel about Jessica in these trying times?

What I would text Emily about in this chapter if we weren’t writing this blog:

True is the worst.  I can’t remember if I ever thought it was a cool place to be, but I certainly didn’t waste any time being charmed by it this time around.  

Is there ever a redeeming moment for G Money?  I don’t think so.  He’s so awful.

Something I always hate about Jessica is her body snarking and it’s especially bad when describing the women in Persuasion.  

If you liked that, try this:

To be honest, there isn’t anything that I specifically like about this chapter, so instead, here is my “college” recommendation for you: Undeclared, another cancelled-too-soon, one-season television series.  I loved, LOVED, college and seeing it captured so well and so hilariously in this series is heartwarming.  It’s on Netflix and DVD.


One thought on “Freshman Summer: July — Hit or Miss

  1. Ugh! True is the worst! I definitely think that Jessica is at her least sympathetic in this book. For me, I think part of it has to do with the change in the narrative structure. Sure, it’s still a diary format, but she’s writing more sporadically. It feels like we’re just checking in, rather than living through it with her.

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