Sophomore Winter — December: Hard Candy Christmas

Jessica’s thoughts create her world.  Marcus engraves this on a ring he gifts her, and it’s not a shocking revelation to anyone who has read any of these books .  Our girl has had a hard semester with a pregnancy scare and the guilt of cheating.  She returns home for a happier holiday season, finally reunited with Marcus.  Jessica notes that now that Marin is around, the rest of the Darlings have heightened their sense of the Christmas Spirit, but I just can’t believe it.  Jess alternates between shutting people out — Hope, Marcus — and lashing out — at the playground, at her bedroom, at Marcus.  Jessica spent so much time alone with her thoughts, building her own world, that she has already decided how everyone should react and behave.  She can’t understand what falls out of her expectations.  Marcus is angry, but he doesn’t shout, so she can’t respond well.  Her mom is finding a productive way to fill her time, but it’s not the room that Jessica knows, so she can’t see her talent.  Jessica didn’t think to consider the complications of Percy and Bridget’s cross-country relationship before Bridget discussed it with her.

It’s hard to watch Jessica when she isn’t at her best, and her situation is challenging her.  Her love with Marcus is unquestionable, but a relationship with him is a different consideration completely.  Jessica will never be the kind of girl who just shuts up and things and is present in the relationship.  She’s worse than any of the girls that Bridget complains about in their movie marathon.  Her thoughts create her world, but they also help to destroy it.

What I would text Emily about in this chapter if we weren’t writing this blog:

I wish Jess would have tried on a better gift than a barely knitted scarf.  She couldn’t write something for Marcus?

I know it’s hard to defend someone who gets angry that you’re not angry — but Marcus’s silent Buddhist ways can be SO frustrating.

After that build up did they even get to have sex? Poor Jess.

If you liked that, try this:

Out of all of the movies mentioned in the Bridget-Jess marathon, I would like to especially recommend Better Off Dead, which doesn’t get enough attention around the great ones from the 80s.  This movie is charming and funny and so very weird.  I cannot stress the weirdness enough.


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