Sophomore Winter—January: He’s a GOPunk

In December, we learn the devastating truth—Jess cheated on Marcus. But in January, we get all of the gory details. Jess having to tell Bridget that she cheated is just as bad, if not worse, than telling Marcus. Marcus takes it all in stony silence, but Bridget rants. When Burke cheated on Bridget with Manda, Jess is outraged and publicly outs them. Though Bridget is initially hurt that Jessica didn’t tell her in a more private matter, this series of events is part of why they become friends again. When Len cheats on Jess with Manda (ugh, it’s always Manda), Bridget and Percy are the ones who help Jessica see how pathetic she’s become and get out of her room. And nothing is more gut wrenching than Jessica asking how Bridget thought she and Marcus would end and Bridget just saying, “I didn’t.”

William sounds like the worst, and not just because he’s a Republican punk. Thank goodness that Jess is a puker. This entire section is a depress-fest. And I think it’s safe to say that Buddhist Marcus is my least favorite Marcus. Lack of communication, though mostly on Jess’s part, is what caused all of the problems in the first place, and now he’s embarking on a silent meditation and going offline. To me, Jessica’s Sophomore Winter is the lowest point of the entire series.

Courtney Summers writes the best unlikeable heroines. Regina of Some Girls Are and Parker of Cracked Up To Be are both mean girls who have fallen from grace. Parker’s descent is self-inflicted—she witnessed something awful and can’t cope. Regina’s best friends ostracize her for something she didn’t do, but no one likes a former bully. These books are brutal in the best way, and they’re being published in one edition as What Goes Around.


One thought on “Sophomore Winter—January: He’s a GOPunk

  1. I agree that this is the lowest of low. It’s so hard for me to read this chapter and so hard to even imagine Jessica cheating on Marcus with someone as awful as GOPunk — mostly because it’s one of those college things that I saw happening so many times while I was there.

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