Sophomore Summer — August: Lo Siento Mucho

Charmed Thirds, you are really bumming me out on my birthday.  Sophomore year is not the best for Jessica — but who can blame her?  She thinks she’s pregnant, cheats on Marcus, blows up at Marcus, they break up, he stops talking to her, he moves without telling her, she loses J as her Columbia best friend, her parents move out of her childhood home, the guy she cheated on Marcus with dies, her new Columbia best friend has to leave school.  And after all this, Marcus keeps stringing her along. 

Guys, I’m very sorry (Lo Siento Mucho, as Jessica shouts to Bastian), but this is an anti-Marcus post.  He doesn’t tell her he’s going on a retreat?!  He acts like he wants her to move on, but instead sends her cryptic, drawn-out post cards professing his love for her, so she won’t have the chance to properly move on?! Ugh!  He’s being the worst.  After the death of William, after her near-sex with Bastian, after weeping openly at Henry’s story, it seems like Jessica is finally ready to move on, but then she can’t.  Instead, she has to read the postcard that says Love.    

Blame my recently-aquired old age, but I am so, so angry at Marcus.  It’s the Reality Bites problem.  Watch the move when you’re young and Troy is sensitive and perfect and exactly the kind of guy who you want to look you in the eye, slightly wounded, and tell you that all he needs to be happy is cigarettes, a cup of coffee, and good conversation with you.  But then you grow up and watch the movie and realize he’s kind of an emotionally abusive dick.  I’m not saying Marcus is that bad, but he is certainly close.  

Am I being too hard on him?  Have I lost all of your love and support?  

No need to have an entire category of things I would text to Emily because there is only one: HENRY’S STORY.  I weep as much as Jessica every, every time.  

If you like that, try this:

Aside from Reality Bites, which you should watch if you never have, I’m going to recommend The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P.  It’s set in Brooklyn and shares many of the great observations about New York that McCafferty is able to make here.  Also, since I’m feeling a lot of man hate, the narrator is a guy who is just totally the worst.  The voice is so specific and so infuriating, but so funny in how infuriating it is.  I read it this past week at the beach, and I absolutely loved it.  


One thought on “Sophomore Summer — August: Lo Siento Mucho

  1. Someone had to say it. I used to think the postcards were super romantic, but now they seem more like a burden. Henry’s story is THE BEST!

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