Junior Winter—December: Regrettably Wrong

Ahhhhh! Jess’s Christmas vacation does not get off to a good start. It’s great that her parents have rekindled the romance in their relationship, but Jess walking in on them is brutal. That being said, I definitely don’t feel as bad for Jess as she does for herself. I think I used to be more sympathetic to Jess’s financial woes, but now she just comes off as whiny. Not to be crotchety, but maybe she should have been more consistent with summer employment. Lots of people have to take out huge loans and work multiple jobs. And if her parents want to live out their golden years in style, it’s their money. Her mom’s Christmas gifts were misguided, but nothing seems more coldhearted than being mean to your mom on Christmas, especially when Bethany and family didn’t even bother to make the trek.

And now to shift gears, why is Sara always the one that Jess runs into when she’s home? From a narrative perspective, it makes total sense. Sara has a way of sniffing out the most salacious details that Jessica would never address otherwise, like the fact that Mini Dub wrote her tortured love letters. And by running into Sara, Jess can learn the gossip about all of her former classmates without having to see each and every one of them. Since she’s dropped out of college, Sara is also the one most likely to be hanging around Pineville. Of course Jess would find her in her natural habitat, the mall.

This weekend, I saw Don Jon, the new Joseph Gordon-Levitt movie. Like Jess, Don Jon hails from the garden state, he exemplifies the assembly-line meatballer, and he’s addicted to porn.  Scarlet Johansson plays Barbara, his slightly terrifying new girlfriend.


One thought on “Junior Winter—December: Regrettably Wrong

  1. I hate, hate, hate how mean she is to her mom. She suggests that her dad thinks she is maturing, but that can’t possibly be true. She’s getting worse, right? Let’s just make it through her college years. We can do it.

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