Junior Winter — January: Sorry, I’m Not Sorry

Guys, I have a confession to make.  I really like Kieran.  Listen, I know he’s absolutely the worst, but he is totally and exactly the kind of guy I liked when I was in college (/now…maybe? hopefully not? probably).  I like his dumb philosophical blather.  I like how he plays the wounded puppy and knows that he’s doing it.  I like that he always wears flip-flops!  I wish that we could have known more about Kieran.  He puts up with Jess’s most Manic Pixie Dream Girl tendency of reading old National Enquirer’s to comfort herself about the natural course of life.  She’s just so quirky.  

I like the plot of this chapter.  I like that she retreats to campus and immediately bonds with the other refugees.  I love the difference between her fellow students and Percy and Bridget when they visit.  You know i always welcome a visit from Bridget (could Jess not call her?  God, she is the worst friend to Bridget sometimes.  B, get yourself a new bestie).  But something about the chapter always felt off to me.  The dialogue?  The backstories of the characters?  I don’t know.  It always stuck out in my head as off.  I must say, I’m glad the focus is on so many people who aren’t Jessica in this one.  I think we could all use a break from her.

Things I would text Emily about if we weren’t writing this blog:

The Truth-or-Dare escalation to Fucking thing is great.  Who knew Jess could be so smooth?

I’ve always loved the Conor Oberst mention.  Unsurprisingly, Bright Eyes was one of my absolute favorite bands in college.  

If you liked that, try this

Can I cheat and recommend Fangirl again?  I’ve read it two times in the half of a week that I’v had it out from the library.


One thought on “Junior Winter — January: Sorry, I’m Not Sorry

  1. I’m so glad that you got the Kieran chapter. Maybe he’s the worst, but he was inevitable. Also, the collection of Christmas vacation misfits does feel a bit contrived to me too. But I always want more Bridget and Percy.

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