Junior Summer—August: Epissanies

I apologize if this post feels fractured. I’m getting a cold and a list of things that struck me as I read the section is all I can muster.

  • Of course Len would have actual opinions and theories about the theory of time travel.
  • Thank goodness that Len has grown out of the habit of telling his mother everything—way too creepy.
  • Bridget’s reaction is so great. I would love to see the party that Jess’s mom would throw for the occasion.
  • Thank you Sully for putting Jess’s life in perspective. Yes, working at Wally D’s sucks now, but it’s not forever.
  • I think Bethany and G-Money’s anniversary party is one of the highlights of Charmed Thirds. They have a cruller cake! And the Not-So-Newlywed Game hosted by Notso Darling!
  • Scotty and Sara!!! The most unholy union of them all. I almost feel bad for poor, confused Scotty, but I just can’t.
  • I love Marin and how she can make Jess let loose once and a while. I love her even more when she stomps on Sara’s foot. Does she do it because she notices how uncomfortable Jess is with Sara’s line of questioning, or because she just hates Sara? Either way it’s great.
  • Cal! He still seems pretty douchey (this opinion is based more on his outfit and demeanor than their actual conversation), but I wouldn’t have him any other way.
  • Sisters know things! Bethany really does have her moments.
  • Mac is back!

I was thinking about the family dynamics a lot as I read not only this month, but all of Jess’s junior summer. Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson takes place in a jewel box hotel in New York owned by the Martin family. Scarlett is the third of four children, and always feels a little bit overlooked. Her family struggles to keep their hotel open after Marlene, the youngest, had cancer (she’s recovered now, but she’s pretty bratty). Every Martin is put in charge of their own suite when they turn 15, and Scarlett’s suite gets a permanent, high-maintenance guest just as it’s put into her care. My favorite Martin is Spencer, Scarlett’s charismatic actor older brother.


2 thoughts on “Junior Summer—August: Epissanies

  1. I feel like a list is the best way to cover this month. So many different but important things happen! The Notso Newly Game is the definitely one of my favorite things about the book — I really do love it when Jessica lets her guard down. Wouldn’t it be great if Megan McCafferty eventually wrote a YA novel about Marin on an adventure with her aunt Jessica?

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