Sunday: A Response

I love the idea of Shae as Justin Bieber!  And, I must agree, having Manda as her roommate is a great call.  I think it’s especially smart because, as it comes up later in the novel, Manda and Hope have a history without Jess, just like Jess has with Bridget.  It’s really apparent, I think, in the way Hope and Manda react to Sara’s pregnancy compared to how Jess does.  Obviously, part of the reason why Jess’s relationship with Bridget is so strong is because Bridget is so great, but they also have that shared past that can really mean so much.  

Speaking of Hope — we finally start getting to really know her here.  It’s interesting that our first interaction with her is her wary reaction to Jess’s news of the engagement.  As much as we’re all wary of that proposal — I don’t know.  I just want everyone to at first be excited for Jess and then deal with the details later.  

The saddest part of this chapter?  Jess wondering if Marcus blames her and punishes her for losing those notebooks.  


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