Monday: Brunch with Bridget

I’m so happy that I ended up writing about this day because Jessica’s brunch with Bridget is my favorite part of this novel.  First, we should just rename the blog The Bridget Propaganda Project.  Second, Jess finally admits the specific and important role that she plays in her life — finally, Bridget isn’t just a placeholder for Hope.  Hope is here, and Bridget still matters.  Third, with Bridget having figured out what she really wants in regards to weddings and Jess not really sure, it feels like one of the first times that their conversations are recorded with both parties on equal footing.  Previously, Jess would seem shocked when Bridget was correct and perceptive.  Here, she remembers their conversation as one between equals, true friends who love each other.  Finally!  I love knowing with just this one scene how strong their friendship is.  

The rest of the day gives us some insight into Jessica’s employment situation and her family.  She nannies part-time for her sister, which allows the two to remain close.  Although Jess seems to have more respect for her sister after seeing what a good mother she is, she still clearly doesn’t believe in her as a strong or smart woman.  Yes, the Tshirts that her husband likes are hideous.  But it completely bothers me that Jess still won’t consider Bethany an equal sharer of G Money’s wealth.  She is devaluing traditionally women’s work, and it’s an opinion that is as terribly terrible feminism as one of Bethany’s.  Also, let’s get real, I would go to that tea/manicure place and I would take my mom for every Mother’s Day.  It’s a perfect idea.  

I really enjoy the way we learn about the different parts of Jessica’s life throughout the few days described in the novel.  Because she’s recalling or recounting so much, it’s subject to much more of her interpretation (unlike conversations or events that frequently happen in nearly-real time when she records them).  I like that, four books in, we know our girl well enough to separate the fact from the snark.

Things I would text Emily about if we didn’t have this blog:

I think that I need a “things that annoy me” feature, because there is always something.  Here, her recounting of the time the drag queen hit on her was so annoying.  Marcus was upset and feeling out of place and she wasn’t concerned about him because she wanted a “New York experience” — So lame, Jessica.

I flew to PA today for a wedding, so I’m writing this from my old bedroom at my parents’.  Packing was tight, so I left the novel at home.  Correct me on anything I didn’t get right.

If you liked that, try this:

Because my brain is sleepy and foggy and I’m listening to my favorite podcast, I’m going to make a leap and recommend that you listen to Throwing Shade.   It bills itself as “taking all of the issues important to ladies and gay and treating them with much less respect than they deserve.”  It discusses gay marriage and the ridiculous expectations of expensive weddings for women.  It strays into campy greatness (like Roy G Biv).  It would have a lot to say about those Donut Ho shirts and the Be You Tea shoppe.  Listen!  You’ll love it.  


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