Tuesday: A Response

I totally agree with you about Hope.  Even after reading this book, when Jessica shares a room with her, I feel like I don’t know much about her.  The way she writes on Teen Beat posters feels more like Jessica to me, so that sweet form of friendship feels like she is mimicking Jess’s actions more than anything.  I wish that I felt like I had more of a window into their friendships.  I love female friendships!  This isn’t one of my favorite books, it’s my least read of the series, and I think that could have made it one of my favorites.

Something that I kept thinking about on this read through was Hope and Marcus’s past with regards to the new Jessica Darling novel, Jessica Darling’s It List #1, which has Marcus as a cute but mysterious boy that Jess meets in shop class.  At the end of the novel, Hope reveals his name to be Marcus Flutie (which we all knew, of course.  You can’t hide Marcus from us), and mentions that he is friends with her brother.  Here, I think Jess would learn more about their past.  If Hope and Marcus were close in elementary school, some of that closeness would have stayed through middle school.  If Jessica and Hope talked about everything, then it would have come up, much, much before Marcus ever asked Jessica to pee in a yogurt cup.  I mentioned earlier, not on this blog, that I didn’t like the inclusion of Marcus in the new novel.  If Jessica had even a small crush on him in wood shop, she would have remembered it and mentioned it in her high school journals.  But, now, it seems very more strange.  It’s not like Jessica and Hope were long distance friends for their whole lives until they moved in together.  If Marcus was around and even somewhat important, Jess would have already know all of this.


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