Wednesday: A Response

  • I like seeing Jess interact with her parents as a concerned daughter rather than a surly teen or a college student who’s just biding her time.
  • Retired people definitely need hobbies. I love that Jess and Bethany take turns going to his races.
  • I always want to hear about Bethany’s teenage years. Especially Jerry and their love of Def Leopard.
  • Jessica’s vision of her life on a trashy talk show is terrifying.
  • It greatly amuses me that Bethany is sensitive to people finding out she was conceived out of wedlock. And that Jess never figured it out for herself.
  • Of course Mr. Flutie actually went back to visit the nurses.
  • And of course Mr. Darling doesn’t know or care who Paul Parlipiano is.
  • The best stories are always associated with Gladdie.

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