Thursday: Enjoy Your Youth

Thursday is a busy day for Jess—a classic Darling mother-daughter chat, finally meeting Hugo Flutie, the return of Dexy, and drunken rambling. Jess thinks that her mother’s new career and her anti-aging obsession consume Mrs. Darling’s life, particularly when her mom doesn’t immediately start grilling Jess about her personal life on the way to the bus station. Jess’s attempts to provoke her mother are hilarious. But maybe Mrs. Darling has learned a few things about handling her daughter. Or it’s just that she’s already satisfied her need for information by talking to Jess’s dad and Bethany and already knows everything. I love it when Mrs. Darling turns on the charm for Hugo.

Eventually Jess makes it back to NYC and the cupcake. A scene with both Manda and Dexy is almost too much to handle. This interaction with Dexy makes me grateful that she’s the college manic pixie dream friend that got away. While her sporadic appearances are entertaining, she would be waaaay too much to handle on a regular basis. She reminds me of Jessie Spano on caffeine pills—so excited and so scared (mostly of being pedestrian).

 Stray Observations

  • Len’s rambling messages are the best. Especially how he brings it back to the multiverse.
  • Some of Jessica’s asides to Marcus break my heart, like when she’s not sure if she’s told Marcus that she’s proud of him.

Like Dexy, Lola, of Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins, loves a costume. Lola lives in San Francisco with her two dads, dates an older guy that her dads hate, and works on perfecting her Marie Antoinette costume in time for the winter dance. But things start to go awry when the Bell twins return to the neighborhood, after relocating because of Calliope’s figure skating career. Cricket is an inventor and every bit as quirky as his name suggests. If all that’s not enough, when I saw Rainbow Rowell speak a couple weeks ago, she named Stephanie Perkins as the author she’d want to handle the story of her life.


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