Thursday: A Response

First, I must start this blog post out by saying Happy Birthday Emily!  If I had posted this response on its correct day, Tuesday, then it would actually have been on Emily’s birthday.  Belated wishes anyway.

Thursday is such a busy day, but also a sad one.  You were right when you say that Jessica’s asides to Marcus are heartbreaking — when she mentions her quick rapport with Hugo, the kind she used to have with Marcus, my heart broke.  Her realization that her parents are more in sync than she thought  should make me happy, but it also makes me sad — how could she not have seen this earlier?  How little does Jessica know about her parents’ lives?  The end — Jessica’s drunken rambling — also make me sad.  I don’t remember being upset at this book until the end, but man, I found it much, much sadder on this read through.  Poor Jessica. I used to get so annoyed at her for being jealous of Hope and Marcus, but now I feel so sad for her.  She feels like she has so little claim on the man who wants to be her partner in life that any other connections he has take away from hers.  

Dexy is far too much in this chapter.  I loved her in Charmed Thirds, but here she seems like the most annoying person.  Maybe because she to be so normal at the Gap all day, she has to overdue it on the extremes in her downtime, but, man, I would not want to hang out with her.  Also, would a really famous New York City drag queen remember both Jessica and her boyfriend?  I don’t actually think so.  

I’m looking forward to Friday: the day Jessica gets her shit together.  


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