Friday: A Response

I’m always so relieved when Jessica and Hope make up–they’re just so out of synch for most of the novel. Hope is always gone because she’s at her studio or working weddings. Jess is with Marcus at Princeton or visiting her parents in Pineville. Hope assumes that Marcus broke up with Jess and keeps secrets. Jessica talks to all sorts of people about her relationship with Marcus, but never seeks advice about her problems with Hope. But all that fades away when both Jessica and Hope make an effort and reach out to each other–Hope following through on Jess’s custom shirt idea (it does sound terribly uncomfortable!) and Jess makes the trek to Hope’s art show. Someone had to say it. Hope helped bring Marcus and Jessica together in Second Helpings, so it seems fitting that she is the one who tells Jess to let Marcus go now.

Things I would text Anna if we weren’t writing this blog:

  • The Do-Better Mission Statement is only a half page long, but I can’t get through it. It’s great that Jess gets this miraculous job, but I just don’t care about the logistics.
  • Let there be spaces in your togetherness IS such a weird choice for a wedding program.
  • One of my college roommates went to Pratt for grad school. I visited her a bunch of times, but one visit really felt like “my weekend at art school.” It involved an absurdist play about Wikileaks and the Russian mafia, among other things, written by a bearded lady. We also went to an open house for the fine arts grad students and there was some crazy stuff—including life-size horse statues covered in gold glitter that weren’t fully assembled yet.

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