Part 3 — Enduring (Putting Up With): Putting Up With, Indeed

I think Emily said it all, and said it so very poetically, in her last post: these haikus are bringing up the past that they couldn’t bring up in their Starbucks small talk.  Marcus claims that he prefers these poems to that conversation, but — really?  I don’t buy it.  I think that Megan McCafferty wanted to fill this book full of moments and memories from their relationship in the last four, which we all obviously love, but I just don’t think that they would write these haikus to each other.  

Doesn’t Marcus seem a little embarrassed about his 19 and 20 year self?  Do you think he would want to revisit it?  Doesn’t Jessica strain to avoid anything too emotional?  Why would she bring up this form of communication that has so much meaning?  Can you even imagine taking a hotel shuttle and watching two people write haikus back and forth?  How long does this shuttle take?  Why are they taking the time to roman numeral them?  

Perhaps it’s just because it’s the end of the semester and I’m tired and cranky, but I would have rather have skipped this section and started again at the hotel.  


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