Part Four—Enduring (Lasting): Looks Like We Made It

I can hardly believe it. We’ve reached the end. And we all know what that means: the Marcus Flutie shower scene. As with the end of Second Helpings, I can’t even begin to talk analytically about the last section of Perfect Fifths, so a bulleted list it is!

  • They’re both so suspicious of each other!
  • Obviously Manda had to get one last pseudo-feminist rant in, ugh.
  • Of course Marcus is the one doing the striptease. And while Marcus is busy lasso-dicking, Jess falls asleep. What better way to say I don’t have time for games?
  • I’m so glad that “ten inches of New Jersey Whitesnake” makes a come back.
  • Greta sounds insufferable, but of course Marcus got cougared. And Older Women, Younger Men: A Cross-Cultural Exploration of Cougars Through the Ages is an excellent title. It’s so creepily maternal that she would wash him.
  • I really don’t care about Jessica’s dreams. They feel like filler.
  • Amber is the best. I love how Jessica understands girls well enough to know that she shouldn’t mention her connection to the founder of Be You Tea Shoppe without having something cool to back it up, but Marcus just fumbles to relate. What an inadvertent creep.
  • I always forget how much time they spend apart, or at least how much time is devoted to it in this section.
  • That gift shop clerk is comedy gold.
  • It’s so weird to read this novel and be older than Jessica Darling.
  • “I’m a person! Not a musical instrument!”
  • People always react to Marcus in the most hilarious ways, especially the Fanilows.
  • I love imagining Bridget, Percy, and Hope getting the video of Marcus’s wonderfully sincere performance.
  • Obviously their transcendent karaoke performance can only be improved upon by listening to the original as you read about it.
  • It’s always refreshing to see how un-smooth Marcus can be.
  • Now that Jess and Marcus will be in grad school at the same time, they’ll finally be in synch (*NSYNC?)!

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