Part Four: Enduring (Lasting) — the Forever Fantasy

I flew home very early on Wednesday morning, was late to the airport, almost missing my flight.  I forgot to pack Perfect Fifths.  I forgot to reread the chapter right before I left.  And then I forgot to write this post for two days.  It’s been very, very Jessica Darling of me.  But now, finally, I’m ready to discuss the final part of final book of one of my favorite series of all time.  Actually, it is my favorite series of all time.  But more on that later, probably.  

The last section of Perfect Fifths isn’t my favorite, despite trying its hardest to be.  Marcus Flutie stroking himself in the shower while thinking about Jessica?  Dyinggggg.  Finally getting the full story of the cougar, who I would LOVE to know more about?  Amazing.  But, like Emily mentioned, they spend so much time apart.  I like Jessica and Marcus together, not quite getting it right.  I like watching them try to navigate how excited and how terrified they are to be sitting across from each other at a small Starbucks table.  Those conversations seem real, but then we went on our whimsical journal through haikus and ended up in a fantasy.

I’m not complaining, of course.  I want desperately for Jessica and Marcus to end up together.  I want to finally hear all of the wonderful things we never heard Marcus say about Jessica, especially in those difficult college years.  I want to know that Jessica made the right decision in turning Marcus down when it didn’t feel right.  I want to know that her job is fulfilling, that her future is certain.  Megan McCafferty loves all of us, I’m certain of it, because she gives us all of this.  Anyone who has ever really like someone but felt like they just couldn’t get it right, longs for an ending exactly like this.  Jessica and Marcus will be together, and they will be together in New York City, Jessica’s city.  Yes, it’s possible that there was sacrifice on Marcus’s part for this to happen.  He may have chosen Columbia in hopes of running into Jessica, but for our girl, and for us, its just appearing, already perfect.  

Things I would text Emily about if we weren’t writing this blog:

I also really don’t care about Jessica’s dreams.

I love Bethany’s story.  E-car Jerry!  The best.

Something I’ve never been on board with (much like the haikus) was the Barry Manilow stuff.  I get why McCafferty is throwing all of this into the next novel, but it’s just seems to take away from what I really want to know about.  

If you liked that, try this: 

One of my favorite love stories about people clearly meant to be but often pulled apart by growing up and growing apart but (spoiler alert) ending up together is in the middle of a beautiful and quiet story about football in a small Texas town.  Friday Night Lights is one of the best shows and one of my favorite shows, and I can’t believe I didn’t recommend it sooner.  Jessica, in her job, surely wants to be Tami Taylor, and Jessica and Marcus are like a more-dramatic Julie and Matt Saracen.  Watch it, watch it, watch it!  All five season are on Netflix.  


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