Wrapping It Up

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year’s!  To celebrate making it through all of the Jessica Darling novels, I thought I would recap some of my most and least favorite parts of every book. Let’s start with the worst.

The Worst

  • Sloppy Firsts—I can’t handle it when Jessica embarrasses herself by puking on Paul Parlipiano’s shoes. It’s just so mortifying!
  • Second Helpings—But nothing is as embarrassing as Jess mistaking Len Levy for a new student. THEY’VE HAD CLASSES TOGETHER SINCE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL! I can’t even. I think it says a lot about Len’s standards that he still wants to date Jess after that.
  • Charmed Thirds—I think it’s safe to say that most of this book is my least favorite—Jess wasting time with Marcus on her underwhelming internship at True, cheating on Marcus with the GOPunk, Jess always being so mean to her mom, and her inability to maintain friendships.
  • Fourth Comings—This book is the only one where Hope has a significant day-to-day presence in Jessica’s life, but I don’t come away from this book feeling like I have a better understanding of their relationship or why Hope is the best.
  • Perfect Fifths—I’m not into Jessica’s dreams. I get that McCafferty wants to give Jess and Marcus time apart so they can both process everything that happens. It even makes sense that Jessica would fall asleep. I just rarely find dreams in fiction to be meaningful or well executed.

 The Best

  • Sloppy Firsts—There are so many good things! Jessica outing all of the Clueless Crew’s secrets in the cafeteria! The Dannon incident! Marcus and Jessica’s late night phone calls!
  • Second Helpings—Though I love everything about You Yes You, my favorite part is when Jess and Marcus make out in the bathroom at Gladdie’s wake. It’s so messy and perfect. Of course a very pregnant Bethany would interrupt them. I love that Jessica tries to come up with an improbable escape route, while Marcus coolly walks her out. The description of Marcus looking like he’s been sucking on a pork chop is genius. It’s probably my favorite moment in the whole series.
  • Charmed Thirds—Though I’m not a huge Kieran fan, the Winter of Our Discontents is my favorite part. It’s the only time Jess has a community in Charmed Thirds. And there’s some quality Percy and Bridget time!
  • Fourth Comings—Obviously my favorite part of this book is Jessica and Bridget’s brunch!  It’s so great when Jess actually acknowledges the importance of her friendship with Bridget (as Anna and I have been yelling about all along).
  • Perfect Fifths—As cheesy as it is, I love Marcus and Jessica’s karaoke performance.

4 thoughts on “Wrapping It Up

  1. I love this series so much, but book four is my least favorite because i felt like Jess was very judgmental and untrue to herself when she used Marcus’ student hood as “the” reason not to marry him. Just say “i’m like twenty-nothing years old and don’t want to get married!” That book makes me grind my teeth. I LOVE the marcus perspective in book 5 but You, yes, you is probably my favorite moment of all. I swooned aloud.

  2. I love this for so many reasons. I recently did a reread of the first two books. Second Helpings has always been my favorite, and the bathroom make out at Gladdie’s funeral is my favorite part. It was one of those fist pumping moments and it was such a rush of relief after all that tension.

    I completely agree about Bridget. When I think of Jessica’s best friend I think about Bridget, not Hope. I think not having her around in the beginning made me indifferent to her. And she’s probably the only “main” character that I feel that way about.

    1. Emily’s lists are always the best because they mean she’s very excited about whatever she’s talking about. We’ve joked a few times that we should call this blog “The Bridget Propaganda Project” because we love her SO much. Glad you’re in agreement.

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