Keep blogging with us!

As I mentioned in my last post, Emily and I will be continuing our reading and blogging adventures with our friend Christine at Reading Rainbow Rowell, where we will (duh) read Rainbow Rowell’s novels.  We hope that you will join us!

Thank you again so much for reading the Jessica Darling novels along with us.  We had such a good time writing this blog as a way of keeping in touch with each other and remembering some of our favorite novels.  An added bonus, one that was so exciting and unexpected, was the support of Megan McCafferty.  If you don’t follow her or us on social media, then I will take this time to brag to you.  She tweeted and posted on Facebook about our blog!  It was glorious; Emily and I spent most of the day texting each other in all caps.  

So, thank you again and don’t forget to head over to Reading Rainbow Rowell.  Emily will post about the first five chapters of Eleanor and Park on Monday.


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