About Us


Emily and Anna, shortly after graduating from library school
We have Jessica and Hope hair!

Emily (left) first discovered the Jessica Darling series when she read a recommendation for Sloppy Firsts in a magazine (either Girls Life or Seventeen). She serendipitously rediscovered Jessica Darling when she found Second Helpings on a tenth grad choir trip while shopping at the Mall of America. She read the book and ignored her classmates for the entire bus ride home.  She vividly remembers reading Charmed Thirds in her freshman dorm room, Fourth Comings on a Megabus ride from Chicago to Minneapolis, and Perfect Fifths in a hotel room in Florence, while ignoring her mom (she planned on reading it in an airport, but couldn’t wait). She once tweeted “She’s like the snarky older sister I never had. #TeamJessicaDarling.” She still stands by it.

Anna (right) has loved reading about Jessica Darling since she discovered Sloppy Firsts in a Delia’s store (on a discount table!) in eleventh grade. As a moody pop-culture addict who stays up too late and loves 80s teen movies, Anna felt (and still feels) that Jessica had been written into existence to be her ally through high school and beyond.   Second Helpings is her favorite novel in the series, she firmly believes they should be adapted not into a movie but a television series, and she hopes to one day find a man who will make her sweet and punny tshirts.


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